Pete Chapman

Weekday Mornings 7am-10am
Pete Chapman - Actual Radio Colchester

Pete has been a familiar voice on radio across Essex since 1998. You may have heard him on, Essex FM, Classic Gold Breeze, BBC Essex, Radio Essex & Ten-17 in Harlow to name but a few. Pete is as well known on the radio as he is in the nightclubs of Essex, you may even catch him DJing a wedding or two from time to time.

Martin Roscoe

Weekday Afternoons 1pm - 4pm

Martin Roscoe has been heard on Hospital Radio Colchester and ABC Oldies and is now the voice of weekday afternoons here on Actual Radio. Bringing you the Greatest Hits of All Time and news of events taking place in and around the Colchester area.

Andre Kimche

Saturday & Sunday Breakfast 7am-10am

Andy Stevens

Every Day 10am-1pm

Phil Terry

Saturday & Sunday’s 1pm-4pm
Pete Chapman - Actual Radio Colchester

Phil has always lived in or near to Colchester with a working life revolving around DJing, presenting and music production. Phil’s radio career stretches back to the late 90s at SGR FM. From there Phil moved to Dream 100 and regularly presented a variety of shows over several years. As a DJ Phil has held many residencies including The Tartan House, Hollywood, Kings and is still a regular at Roberts Live Bar. In the West End of London Phil has held DJ’d at clubs such as Hammersmith Palaice, Hanover Grand, Rainforest Cafe, Volante and the world famous Pacha.

Kevin Peters

Saturday & Sunday's 4pm-7pm

Nick Moon

Friday Evenings 7pm-10pm
Nick Moon - Actual Radio Colchester

Imagine this, you’ve invited all your friends round, you have the drinks and the nibbles, but you’ve forgotten the most important part, the music! Don’t fear Nick is here with Nick’s Party Poppers, Friday evenings from 7pm-10pm and Saturday evenings from 10pm-1am.

Lawrence Ladbrook

Saturday & Sunday Evenings 7pm-10pm
Lawrence Ladbrook - Actual Radio Colchester

Lawrence brings you the Greatest Soul Hits of All time every Saturday & Sunday Evenings on Actual Radio. Starting off as a mobile & club DJ in the 1990’s, Lawrence has presented the breakfast show on local radio in Essex & hosted specialist old school and soul shows.

Peter Bull

Thursday Evenings 7pm-10pm
Peter Bull - Actual Radio Colchester

On Thursday evening its Peter Bull. Peter has been DJing since the age of 13. During his career Peter has worked on countless cruise ships, holiday camps, nightclubs and festivals. Catch Peter from 7am with the Greatest Hits of All Time, local events and facts of the day.


Loxley's Corner Tuesdays 7pm-10pm
Loxley - Actual Radio Colchester

Loxley is a Singer Songwriter who has toured during the 1990s and has a wealth of experience with recording and producing music. He is still enjoying playing the circuit today with his band Loxley’s Corner, and you may well have seen him out there.  A natural progression into becoming a Presenter and help promote new artists with his radio show here at Actual, ‘Loxley’s Corner’ Tuesday evenings 7-10pm.  His show is an essential platform the new artists. Loxley believes “if you write a song you deserve airplay” Send him, your music in a Wav File and he will play it. Live Acoustic Sessions on every show.

Susie Boo

Boo's Corner Tuesdays 7pm-10pm
Susie Boo - Actual Radio Colchester

Susie plays a big part of the team on Loxley’s Corner, some say the bigger part.  She is very active throughout the show with Live Video of Acoustic sessions. Her feature, ‘Boo’s Corner’ runs parallel with Facebook Page which is there to help you with your Music promotions. She will broadcast your Music Event Live on Air. Tell her about your show, gig, open mic or stage event, and she will get it out there.

Dave The Gardener

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturdays 10:30am
Dave Blackwell - Actual Radio Colchester

Essex County Councillor Dave Blackwell is ‘Dave the Gardener’ providing you with your gardening advice and answering your questions. Email your questions to

Simon Baldock

Actual Radio's Roving Reporter
Simon Baldock - Actual Radio Colchester

Simon Baldock is Actual Radio’s Roving Reporter. Simon will be heading out around Colchester with his microphone to record interviews and report on the big stories affecting our town.