Dom Atkins

Weekday Mornings 6am-10am
Dom Atkins Actual Radio

It’s Breakfast with Dom weekday mornings from 6am. With the essential travel news every 30 minutes. Dom has been familiar presenter on radio in Essex for many years. A popular radio presenter in Colchester, Clacton and Ipswich.

Greg Potter

Weekday's 10am-1pm

Greg Potter gets your workday underway from 10am weekday mornings.

Martin Roscoe

Weekday Afternoons 1pm - 4pm

Martin Roscoe is the voice of Weekday Afternoons here on Actual Radio. Bringing you the Greatest Hits of All Time and news of events taking place in and around the Colchester area.

Dave Gowland

The Big Drive Home Weekdays 4pm-7pm

Dave Gowland is with you for the Big Drive Home in Colchester weekdays afternoons from 4pm.

Lawrence Ladbrook

Weekday Evenings 7pm-10pm
Lawrence Ladbrook - Actual Radio Colchester

Lawrence is the voice of weekday evenings on Actual Radio. Starting off as a mobile & club DJ in the 1990’s, Lawrence has presented the breakfast show on local radio in Essex & hosted specialist old school and soul shows.

Ashley Paul

Friday & Saturday 7pm-10pm

Ashley turns up your weekend with Club Essex every Friday and Saturday night from 7pm

Andre Kimche

Saturday & Sunday Breakfast 7am-10am

Andre Kimche is here with Weekend Breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings from 7am. With the very best studio guests, it’s where Colchester comes to talk.

Phil Terry

Saturday & Sunday’s 10am-1pm
Pete Chapman - Actual Radio Colchester

Phil has always lived in or near to Colchester with a working life revolving around DJing, presenting and music production. Phil’s radio career stretches back to the late 90s at SGR FM. From there Phil moved to Dream 100 and regularly presented a variety of shows over several years. As a DJ Phil has held many residencies including The Tartan House, Hollywood, Kings and is still a regular at Roberts Live Bar. In the West End of London Phil has held DJ’d at clubs such as Hammersmith Palaice, Hanover Grand, Rainforest Cafe, Volante and the world famous Pacha.

Kevin Peters

Saturday & Sunday's 1pm-4pm

As a former presenter on Mellow 1557am and SGR’s Amber Gold Kevin is a familiar voice in North Essex. Keven presents Saturday & Sunday afternoons from 1pm-4pm on Actual Radio.

Pete Chapman

Saturday Afternoon 4pm-7pm
Pete Chapman - Actual Radio Colchester

Pete has been a familiar voice on radio across Essex since 1998. You may have heard him on, Essex FM, Classic Gold Breeze, BBC Essex, Radio Essex & Ten-17 in Harlow to name but a few.


Pete is a proud Colchester Ambassador

Karl Buzby

Saturday & Sunday Morning's from 1am-4am

Karl Buzby is up all night.

Dave The Gardener

Dave Blackwell - Actual Radio Colchester

Essex Legend! ‘Dave the Gardener’ provides you with your gardening advice and answers your questions. Email your questions to [email protected]

Simon Baldock

Actual Radio's Roving Reporter
Simon Baldock - Actual Radio Colchester

Simon Baldock is Actual Radio’s Roving Reporter. Simon will be heading out around Colchester with his microphone to record interviews and report on the big stories affecting our town.