Loxley’s Corner with Tom Eyres, Polly Haynes & Dorian Kelly

Loxley’s Corner on Actual Radio with Tom Eyres, Polly Haynes & Dorian Kelly – 29th May 2018

Three hours of radio dedicated to local artists, songwriters and producers.


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Tom Eyres, Polly Haynes & Dorian Kelly

Tom Eyres, Polly Haynes & Dorian Kelly

Loxley – Something Happend
Matt Buckle – Give It All Back To You
Adrian Nation – Dying Of Democracy
Donna Taggart – Jealous Of The Angels
24 CLUB – Active Edge
Abrahams Child – But I Wont Walk Down
Ashton Lane – Loving You Still
Boss Caine – Champagne
24 CLUB – Face To Face
Ayo Adenaike – Love Note
Jim Reynolds – The Shine From Your Sun
Charlie Law – Coffee Cup in Soho
Chesca Leah Band – Future
Echo Town – Kindle Me Up
Flavor – Illusion
Ethan Ash – Breakfast
Colin Davis – Futureland
Fick As Fieves – Grass Is Greener
Abrahams Child – Hope
Nora – Stranger
Matt Buckle – The Game
Jim Reynolds – Side Of The Hill
Donna Taggart – The Lucky One
Suzy Cramer – Fifteen
Charlie Law – Let Your Guard Down
Nicole Silva – Blues 101
ShaQ:Muzik – My One & Only Love
The King’s Parade – So Good
Laura Silverstone – Magic
Dominic Benjamin – Keep Breathing
Polly Haynes – Pulling Me Backwards


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