Loxley’s Corner with Justine Dr Mierre & Ben Howard

Loxley’s Corner on Actual Radio with Justine Dr Mierre & Ben Howard – 8th May 2018

Three hours of radio dedicated to local artists, songwriters and producers.


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Justine Dr Mierre & Ben Howard

Justine Dr Mierre & Ben Howard

Loxley – Better Keep You Well
Johnno Casson – Human Good
Phoebe Austin – Thinking
Katalina Kicks – Waterfall
Gentlemen Jackals – Heathens + Broken Hymns
King Of The Slums – The Broken English
Gen Irving – Philisophical
Rob Palladino – Let the Rain Fall
Alightlefton – Don’t Throw me Away
Shïan Genre18 – Union
Cold Norton – Perfect Storm
Chesca Leah Band – Future
The King’s Parade – Woman
Richie Woodstock Bennett – Can You See
Van Rockman – I’ll See You In My Dreams
Belinda Isaac – Wilderness
Dear Life – Round But Jaded
Donegan – I Wonder
Redtenbacher’s Funkestra – Toxic
Last Day Sect – The Devils Elixirs
Ed Sykes – Whiplashed
Edward McCarten – Senioretta
Jasmine Hood – Bothered With You
SOS – Silent Witness
Matt McGuinness & The MLC – The House Of The Dearly Beloved
Banco – Railroad Man
The Thinking Men – Machine Made Men
Dick York & The Originals – Play Again
Anna Sweeney – Jealous


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