Loxley’s Corner with Cold Norton

Loxley’s Corner on Actual Radio with Cold Norton – 3rd April 2018

Three hours of radio dedicated to local artists, songwriters and producers.


Loxley – Something Happend
Gen Irving – Philisophical
S.O.S – Bloodline
Simon Poore – There’s A Ghost In The Room
Boss Caine – Evidence
Flava – Illusion
Rob Palladino – If I Could…
Sean Muir – Falling
Kevan Taplin – Driving Into The Night
Colin Davies – Futureland
Elly Tree – What She Wanted
John Fairhurst – More More More
Jimmy Lee Morris – Bigger Sky
Adrian Nation – Dying Of Democracy
24 Club – Tell Me What You Want
Skirt – Easy Tiger
Harry Eageling – Yellow Rose
Cuecliche – Save Me
Hats Off Gentlemen Its Adequate – Lucid Assassin
BaVARD – Young and Restless
Shameful Behaviour – Insanity Rising
Mark Handley – God Bless The NHS
Boss Caine – Champagne
End Notes – If I Had Known
Hats Off Gentlemen Its Adequate – Let Me Out
Norquay – Shalalala
Inside Out Trio – Landslide
Scott Swain – It’s Too Late
Steve Rodgers – So High
MeMe Detroit – Soc Med Junkies
Justin3 – Tonight We Are Lovers
The Significant Others – Beyone The Heartbreak
Nick Hayward Young – Someone Like You
Ayo Adenaike – Love Note



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  1. John Salmon on 11th April 2018 at 1:44 pm

    Thanks Loxley for another great show.  I’ve tried all the music stations over the years and hardly ever find a show that gets the balance right for me. Usually there’s too much chat and the music feels incidental. I’ve listened to internet stations where there’s no presenter at all and that just feels dead. On your shows the balance feels right to me. I just hate it when the presenter comes in right at the end of the track, sometimes even talking over them. To me it just shows lack of respect for the music. Your show doesnt just sound live, it’s clear you are loving the music too. And there’s so much excellent music! Keep it up and well done.

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