Loxley’s Corner with Chesca Leah Band

Loxley’s Corner on Actual Radio with Chesca Leah Band – 24th April 2018

Three hours of radio dedicated to local artists, songwriters and producers.


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Loxley – Don’t Give It Away
Silent Native – Loosen Your Grip
Rob Palladino – Belief
Echo Town – My Journey
Katalina Kicks – Waterfall
Mark Handley – Is There Anyone Alive Out There
John Fairhurst – More More More
Matthew Schultz – All Night Long
Jane Thomset – A Day Late
Ethan Ash – Twenty
Silent Native – Sunlight
BaVARD – Young and Restless
Dojo – Chant Them Down
Helen Connelly – (Not) Easy To Love
Ayo Adenaike – Broken Dreams & Promises
Sean Muir – Falling
Submariner – Ghosts
Crayon Angels – Postcards
24 Club – Tell Me What You Want
Phoebe Austin – Thinking
The Jade Assembly – Nothing Changes
Graces – Hotel
Strangers Know More – Shangri-La
Desensitised – You’ll See
Johnno Casson – Human Good
Urban Lions – See Me Rise
Speak Brother – Father
King Of The Slums – The Broken English
Dead Days – Daggers
The Rogue Network – Supply & Demand
Shïan Genre18 – Union
Bugeye – I’m Not The One
Echo Town – Kindle Me Up



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