Loxley on Actual Radio with Sean Smith – 12th March 2019

Three hours of radio dedicated to local artists, songwriters and producers.


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Cinema – Move On
Leader – Openskies
Model Society – Public Service
Rider – You
Rock Fall – Let Me Fly
Tasha Robertson – The Dust Will Settle
J D Morris – It Ain’t Me Babe
Magic Seas  – Dimensions
The Lucky Face – Ride The River
Handstand Parade  – Beloved
Lemoncurd Kids – Tick Tock
Gun Runners – Bleed
The Cheap Thrills – Saint Or Sinner
Kevin Pearce  – Don’t Tell My Heart
MeMe Detroit – De Moe
Hemmingway  – Rise Again
Tim Isberg – I’m In Trouble
Helen Connelly – Live a Lie
Aiden Hatfield – This Is Never Ending
Dirty Orange – Hellraiser
The Nile Deltas – Dust Me Down
AKA Trio – Empathy
Mark Mathews – Not Falling
Tiger & The Light Side – Winter
Nic Norton – Sleep
Antonia – The Message
Derina Harvey Band – Up All Night
The Lamplight Club – Hells Bells
Jouska – Threes and Fours
Aren Drift – Sun Goes Down
Jaz Mattu – Prisoner
Gone to Lunch – Coming Home

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