Loxley with Adrian Nation 4th December 2018

Loxley on Actual Radio with Adrian Nation – 4th December 2018

Three hours of radio dedicated to local artists, songwriters and producers.


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Loxley – Don’t Give It Away
John Poole – Bella Belladonna
Marvin B Naylor – Colours
Spacecake – Every Morning Brings
The Occupants – Man on the Moon
Natasha R – Boxes
J D Morris – Christmas
ToadSage – Love Path
False Colours – Autumn Ayre
Norm Adams Julia Robertson – My kinda Christmas
Paul Andreas – Wrapped Up
Jake Aldridge – Gullible
Cole Silva – Jingle my Bells
Velinski – Christmas Is A Time For Everyone
Charlie Moss – A Girl Like You
Leontas – Pick Me Up
Graham Cregg – Rudolph
Girls Of England – All We Want For Christmas Is Your Smile
Peter & Sharon – Hallelujah (Ring those Bells)
Tenderhooks – Cheers Cheers Cheers
Perpacity Feat. Neil Francis – Words Are Faith And Water
Sean Muir – Christmas Time
Juniper Nights – Future Spring
DeckChair Dazs – Rainfull
Flavour – Snake Eyes
Indya – Pink n Leopard
Gen Irving – Where You Are
Peter118 – Money and Lies


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