Seasonal bans on animals on some beaches in Tendring come into force this Friday. Horses are banned from Frinton beach between Good Friday (2 April this year) and 30 September inclusive.


Frinton Beach Horse Ban

New signage is being installed by Tendring District Council (TDC) this year to reinforce the ban after issues were reported last season, and council officers will
monitor the situation.


The rest of year horse riders are permitted to use the beach until 11am at low tide, to
ensure everyone’s safety.


Mike Carran, TDC Assistant Director for Economic Growth and Leisure, said “Unfortunately a small minority of riders have caused issues in the past, by not respecting the presence of other beach goers or the designated access routes. This is disappointing, when we know the vast majority of riders – especially those based locally – are responsible.”


Dog bans also come into force across 11 beaches in the district from 1 May, until 30
September inclusive. Dog ban beaches are clearly marked on the promenades – and
dogs can continue to use the promenade provided they are kept on a lead.


Mr Carran added: “Dog bans are an important criteria in the Blue Flag and Seaside
Award schemes, helping to ensure a clean beach for all to enjoy. With so many miles
of long sandy coastline around our district, there is plenty of beach for everyone to


Full details of beach animal bans can be found on the TDC website at:

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