Colchester Borough Council is encouraging residents to get composting at home this autumn to save money and help the environment.


Composting at home not only reduces your carbon footprint and is a great addition to your usual recycling habits, but the nutrient-rich product is fantastic for your garden and could save you money too.


October is a busy month for keen gardeners and those picking up windfall fruit and autumn leaves. To encourage residents to get composting, Colchester Borough Council is promoting the compost bin special offer from Essex County Council. Bins are available from £8.90. There’s also a multi-buy offer for residents with larger gardens or for those who team up with a friend of neighbour to buy a bin.


Composting at home is a quick, easy and cost-effective method of clearing away garden waste and making a free supply of compost to use in your garden for the spring. Whether it’s vegetable peelings and egg shells from the kitchen, a left over pumpkin from Halloween, shredded paper or the cuttings from one last outing for the lawnmower, simply thrown it in your compost bin and over the winter months it will rot down to produce environmentally friendly compost.


Throughout October, Colchester Borough Council will be posting composting hints and tips on its Facebook /EnjoyColchesterOpens new window and Twitter @YourColchesterOpens new window pages, alongside articles on its Reece Cycler blogOpens new window.


Depending on your recycling and rubbish collection method (either black bag or wheelie bin), Colchester residents kerbside limits for garden waste is one full brown wheelie bin (with a closable lid) or four white sacks. Residents requiring white sacks can claim up to four bags for free by downloading a voucher redeemable in one of our local stockists. More information and the downloadable voucher can be found here: new window


Colchester Borough Council’s Cllr Jessica Scott-Boutell, Portfolio Holder for Waste and Sustainability, said: “There are lots of ways that our residents can recycle and composting at home is one that really benefits them. Compost bins are especially effective for residents that have larger gardens, helping them to keep within the kerbside collection limits for garden waste, whist producing some top quality compost for the spring.


“The Council is committed to making Colchester more environmentally friendly and encouraging those in the Borough to access all the recycling tools at their disposal is an important part of that, and a positive step towards a greener and more sustainable Colchester.”


To find out more about the benefits of composting at home and how you can get involved, visit: new window


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