Big Fish

Event Date: 06/03/2019

Start Time: 7:45pm

Finish Time: 10:00pm (Estimated)

Cost: £12 (full price), £10 (concession)


Location: Headgate Theatre, 14 Chapel Street North, Colchester, CO2 7AT


Based on the novel by Daniel Wallace and the 2003 film directed by Tim Burton. Edward Bloom has lived a full and fantastical life, populated by witches, giants, and mermaids, marked by true love that stops time in its tracks, and framed by heroics that push the limits of believability. His adult son, Will, is no longer amused by his father’s fantastical tales, insisting on a rational rather than a fantastical account of one’s life. When Edward’s health declines, and Will learns that he and his wife, Josephine, will have a son of their own, Will decides to find out his father’s “true” life story, once and for all.