Colchester To Ukraine Emergency Aid Campaign Launched

A new community project of Colchester to Ukraine: Humanitarian & Emergency Aid Campaign has been officially launched.


The campaigns aim is very simple; to deliver much needed humanitarian aid directly from the community of Colchester urgently to refugees in need in Ukraine and neighboring countries. This is 100% a local non for-profit initiative, managed through the World Food Aid charity, Lion Walk Shopping Centre, and the Surya Foods Group.


A campaign spokesperson said “We aim to procure, produce, and deliver urgent aid to those In Ukraine and neighboring countries as a matter of absolute urgency. Lion Walk Shopping Centre have opened a drop off and fulfilment Centre within the shopping precinct where the community can donate much needed items that will be sorted and dispatched to receiving neighboring countries as an absolute priority. This operation is supported by a host of volunteers within Colchester and is open 11am to 3pm daily on Culver Street, next to Primark. There is detail of what exactly can be accepted within Lion Walk on poster signage and through social media channels.”


“The priority is to deliver food aid with 100% non for-profit funding through the following GoFundMe link; which will enable the cost price logistics and production of humanitarian food aid.”


“You can also donate any essential items at the Lion Walk Ukraine fulfilment Centre located on Culver Street East, next to Primark, where our volunteers across organisations throughout Colchester will segregate aid destined for Ukraine refugee’s or any items that can’t transit and can transfer to Colchester Foodbank for distribution within the local community.”


The Mayor of Colchester, Cllr Robert Davdison, said; “As Mayor of Colchester I have been so impressed and humbled by the amazing and diverse services our voluntary sector provides. We should be proud to be part of such a caring community.


“Everyone I have met since the Ukrainian invasion by their neighbour Russia began two months ago is appalled by Russia’s indiscriminate attacks on the civilian population. They also have this sense of helplessness seeing their despair and suffering when losing family members, possessions and homes.


“Together we ought to help provide support and essential goods for the refugees and those remaining in Ukraine.


“Please help those struggling Ukrainians by donating to this worthwhile local charity.”


Mr Suki Dulai, speaking on behalf of the Dulai family, said; “An important element of our family’s ethos is to assist those less fortunate than ourselves, and to this end we are proud and honored to enable our resources to support this humanitarian aid initiative.”

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