Colchester Cable Amnesty

A Colchester Cable Amnesty has been declared, which is great news for all those people (er.. like everyone) who have a box of tangled cables sitting omewhere.


The box of useless cables is now a ubiquitous part of modern life from scart plugs to kettle leads, old phone chargers, old camera power leads and converters to USB the list is endless. You may now hand these cables over without fear of prosecution or reprise.


The idea was dreamt up by the somewhat unlikely partnership of leader of the Tory group for Colchester Borough Council Darius Laws and Colchester Arts Centre director, rabid environmentalist and infamous trouble maker Anthony Roberts (both pictured). For these two to be working together there has to be a global crisis.


Darius Laws “The world is too full of useless plastic. This is a small drop in the ocean of a battle to win over hearts and minds. Hopefully it will prevent the real splash of plastic in the real oceans of the world.”



Dig out box of cables
Bring the cables to Farmers Market
Walk free


Ring the Cables Amnesty Hotline (and ask for Vince) – we will collect.



Those that are of any use are free for collection at The Farmers Market. So they may be collected and taken home. Those that are useless will be collected by Colchester Borough Council Environmental team for recycling.


Colchester Arts Centre has declared the amnesty and your cables may be handed over at their Farmers Market on Friday 2nd November.




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  1. Sheila Collins on 14th November 2018 at 9:10 am

    I live in Stockport. Where do I take my cables?

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