Colchester Borough Council Invests In Tackling Litter

Several new approaches to tackling litter are to be launched across Colchester in a bid to make where we live a cleaner, greener, and more pleasant place for residents and visitors.


The first step was taken in November 2021, when Colchester Borough Council’s Cabinet approved a new litter and dog bin policy to ensure litter bins are in the right place, that the correct bin is used, and to implement an easier process for ward councillors to make requests for new bins.


In December 2021, two extra neighbourhood operatives started work in the borough. They will give the council’s Neighbourhood team more resource to litter pick, remove graffiti, clear up fly-tipping, empty litter bins, and generally support the community where needed.


Litter bin route optimisation technology is being sourced for council vehicles, which will identify improvements to existing litter bin routes for emptying, allowing for a more efficient and effective collection service.


More funding is also being allocated to provide additional equipment to current litter picking volunteers so they can take on other activities in addition to litter picking, such as weeding. Information on how to access this equipment is available on the council website


An investment in piloting ‘Smart’ bins is being made in conjunction with Dedham Parish Council, with four solar-powered bins to be situated in the car parks within Dedham, later this month. The bins have a special compacting feature, which means they can hold over five times more rubbish than a standard bin, and a fill indicator to show when the bin is nearing capacity. Council operatives will be notified by the bin when it needs emptying and the bins talk, giving the ability to engage with residents further.


Finally, the council is working to set up litter picking hubs across the borough, which they aim to have in place over the next month. These hubs will provide the opportunity for people to borrow litter picking kit from several different locations when they are out and about, then return them at the end of the day.


Cllr Beverley Oxford, Portfolio Holder for Communities, said: “Tackling litter is hugely important and getting the community involved in this is a priority. We are investing in technology to help us to do everything we can for an effective and efficient service, but without the support of our residents to help us clean the borough and make littering unacceptable, littering will continue to be a problem. That’s why we want to encourage and enable the community to get involved wherever we can.”


Cllr Simon Crow, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Sustainability, added: “We know residents in our borough take a real pride in their area and don’t want to see litter lying around.


“These new initiatives show how seriously we take this issue as a council. By investing in advanced technology, extra resources and engagement initiatives that involve the community in helping to tackle the problem, we really hope to make a difference for a cleaner Colchester. I hope it also makes individuals think twice about abandoning waste, so that we can all enjoy the benefits of living in a clean and tidy area.”


Residents can report issues with littering, fly tipping, graffiti on the council’s website at

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