Colchester Based Fireworks Company Wins Big At UK Fireworks Awards 2021

Zeus Fireworks the import arm of Dynamic Fireworks based at the Peartree Centre in Colchester, championed over 53 other brands to WIN Best Brand award at the coveted 2021 UK Firework Awards.


Dynamic Fireworks

The team also won Best Catherine Wheel for their Carousel Wheel, Best Roman Candle for the Royal Palm Candle bundle and Best Small Cake for the powerful Crown 500. In total Zeus Fireworks were nominated for 12 of the 14 award categories, which included Best Fountain, Best Rocket Pack and Best Innovation Firework.


Colin Elmer, Display Manager said “We are very excited and proud to win this prestigious award, and the hard work and effort from the team to source, design and promote the brand has been recognised.”


Zeus Fireworks have established themselves in the industry over the last 5-6 years by supplying a comprehensive range of high quality fireworks to retailers across the UK. This popularity was rewarded by winning 4 categories and finishing runner up in another 6 categories.


The awards previously ran from 2003-2007 but have been re-invigorated in 2021 by the UK Firework Alliance, who promote the safe, legal and enjoyable use of fireworks within the UK, and dispel the fake news on social media by highlighting genuine and respected firework companies within the industry.


Each of the fireworks chosen for the categories where selected in secret by a panel of judges made up from within the industry and firework enthusiasts, before being open to public voting via social media and the Firework Awards website.

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  1. CYNTHIA ELMER a proud mum on 16th April 2021 at 8:25 am

    Well done team every award counts and promotes the profile of the company

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